Belfast Beyond Interview

Belfast Beyond Interview

Recently I was asked by Clare at Belfast Beyond to do an interview for the blog on her website, they usually focus on local street art and graffiti but with the MoonDoggys Clothing brand being closely related to the scene it seemed like a good fit. I was extremely grateful and honoured to even be asked for an interview, it's nice to have your work recognised so massive thanks to Clare for the opportunity!

The questions covered all aspects of the brand, including origins, inspirations, collabs and the relationship with 5th Element NI among others, and all were answered in great depth to paint a picture of what MoonDoggys Clothing is really all about. 

My interview is only one of many on the site, including local artists like Francois Got Buffed, Emic, Stanley Sprays and Zippy, so be sure to have a look around after you've read mine. 

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