Homegrown Irish Hip Hop Playlist On Spotify

Homegrown Irish Hip Hop Playlist On Spotify

As a Hip Hop fan I'm proud to be part of the local scene. This inspired me to curate the best tracks available on Spotify from the Irish Hip Hop scene from North and South of the border into the Homegrown Irish Hip Hop playlist.

Bringing together artists from all over Ireland spanning every sub-genre within Hip Hop was no easy task! The playlist contains over 600 tracks and over 36 hours of music and will continue to grow as new tracks are released or added to the Spotify platform.

All the big names are in there including Rob Kelly, Class Az, Steve Loc, Costello, DAZ, Jay Suttin, Lethal Dialect, Hazey Haze, Skeet, Jah 1, Jack Bashful, Vesey and many more emcees including new up and coming artists.

If you want to hear what the Hip Hop scene on the emerald isle sounds like then this playlist is essential listening, head on over to it by clicking this link spotify:playlist:6YIb2IbPgfCs2xdAXwycrA or press play on the embedded playlist below and leave this window open.


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