New DAZ - "Keep On" Music Video Ft. Dark Angel and O-One

New DAZ - "Keep On" Music Video Ft. Dark Angel and O-One

When a local Hip Hop legend and long term supporter of your brand asks you to help him with a music video what do you do? Obviously you jump in with two feet like Eric Cantona in the 90s!

I was already stoked to get involved with the production, but on top of asking me to help shoot the video he wanted to wear one of our tees and a cap on camera, so I couldn't wait to get started! Arriving at the Skank FM studios on the night of the shoot, I was greeted by the man himself in his usual hospitable manner.

After a catch up and a brainstorming session to make sure we were on the same page, it was time to get the cameras rolling and shoot his performance portion of the video. Being the multi talented man he is, DAZ had already shot the Dark Angel performance and some basketball footage, and had a rough draft of the edit already done before I showed up!

After an hour or two of shooting we took a well deserved break while the footage imported onto the computer and discussed a few ideas before turning our attention to the edit. Collaborating with other creatives can be either very exciting or very stressful, thankfully bouncing ideas around with DAZ is a joy! It seemed like within no time at all we had a draft of the finished edit to watch back and tweak.

I couldn't be happier with how the video turned out and I'm proud to have been involved in the project, although most of the credit has to go to DAZ. Gotta say a huge thank you to him for asking me to be a part of the video, and of course for getting some of the MoonDoggys Clothing range in there too, it's all love!

Check out the video below and keep an eye out for future projects coming soon...

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