SkankFM x MoonDoggys Radio Show

SkankFM x MoonDoggys Radio Show

Join MoonDoggys Clothing founder Mark Brittain for a special show on Belfast's SkankFM, hosted by DAZ and broadcast worldwide on

Earlier this year I had the idea of being a guest on DAZ's radio show, setting up cameras in the studio to capture the occasion for the MoonDoggys YouTube channel. Wanting to add another dimension to the video, I thought we should choose a selection of local Irish Hip Hop to play throughout the show, and include the music videos between the interview segments, following the format that was once popular on MTV and BET shows.

Thankfully upon pitching the idea to DAZ, he loved the sound of it and we set about planning the show. Coming up with a tracklist would prove tricky, while the local Hip Hop scene is growing at a steady pace and there are quite a few emcees with great tracks, there are a limited number of music videos to go with them! With this limitation in mind, I spent an evening browsing YouTube to find ten or eleven suitable tracks/videos from local artists. Armed with the tracklist I joined DAZ in the SkankFM studio on a Sunday evening in early August to make this happen.

So after a fun evening in the studio recording the show, I embarked upon the inevitably long editing process, syncing up the video clips from four cameras to the master audio recorded via the studio mixing desk and slotting in the music videos for the 11 Irish Hip Hop tracks selected. After many hours of work, I'm proud to present this video, both the longest and most meaningful piece of content I've ever produced and I hope you enjoy it! (Link embedded at the bottom of this blog post)

Huge thanks to DAZ for having me on the show and helping with the cameras, it wouldn't have been possible without you! Also a massive thank you to all of the artists, producers, and videographers involved in the tracks selected for the show, without whom this would just be a video of two dudes with headphones on, talking for over two hours!

Here are the tracks we played:

DAZ & O-One feat Dark Angel - Keep On
Durty Devz Feat. Skeet - Came So Far (Produced by Dame Muzik)
DBMCs - Waspers (Produced by Ratty Beats)
L.O.R.D - Breaking Bad 
Steve Loc - The Midget Kicker (Produced by Noize Thievery)
Waking Android – Kid Chameleon feat Danny Droppit & Jay Suttin
Danny Diatribe - Hangover on Repeat (Produced by Cutterz)
J.O.E. Belfast - Titanic Town
Robbie Gowler X Roll'd aL - Life in HD ft. Ronnie Eggs
Durty Devz- Funky Flow
DAZ & O-one Feat Big Twins - Raw

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