In 1998 ​an idea for an urban clothing brand grew in the mind of a 14 year old boy in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Inspiration came from various underground street cultures including Hip Hop, SneakerHead Culture, Graffiti, Skateboarding and other extreme sports. Combining these influences formed the attitude and aesthetic of the brand.

Too young and immature to start a business, he decided that MoonDoggys should remain a dream until he had gained enough knowledge and experience to successfully launch a clothing brand.

He explored other avenues for a few years while learning the skills required to design and decorate clothing. After countless hours of extensive planning and research, samples, mistakes and some fine-tuning, he felt ready to turn his dream into a reality.

The past few years has been spent putting everything in place to finally launch MoonDoggys as the premium streetwear brand it deserves to be.

MoonDoggys Clothing is proud to be immersed in the lifestyle of underground urban cultures, staying true to the core values of our influences to deliver high quality, authentic street style apparel.